Retaining waterproofing cycle

Masonries at a direct contact with soil or water, need an appropriate waterproofing, in order to protect the structures against infiltrations. Also the walls exposed to air pollution and saltiness, for ex. Buildings next to a littoral zone, are subject to decay and erosion

Partially or wholly underground swimming pools or basins, it’s required a scrupulous consideration and solution, for the suitable waterproofing and specially for the preservation against infiltrations from the ground. In this kind of situation all the solutions for underground structures are required. During this kind of treatment, could come together variables and craftiness in the application and in the study of the construction site.

It’s suggested to act when the groundwater and rainfalls are particularly scanty. Furthermore, the use of operative products together with the block of the uninterrupted drop, or suitable products for the passivation of the bending fixtures, like Hidra Flash and Hidra Grip – are particularly helpful during the first application phase. Finally, the thickening of the product is fundamental in the case of corners near the connections between walls and floor (reinforcement parabola).

Fase 1

Treat entirely the surfaces. Act on row surfaces, if needs remove paints, plastering and levelling through mechanical scratch or sandblast. Roughen the reinforced concrete if too smooth or treat with hydrochloric acid and hydro washing.

On cracks or hedges with a continuous dripping of the surface, it’s necessary to block the leak for the period required to the complete desiccation of the cycle. Extend the opening and insert Hidra Flash. Treat the banding fixtures with Hidra Grip.

Fase 2

Remove the incoherent surfaces and too weak areas, till to reach the suitable support.

Hose down the area.

Levelling the first coat of Hegea 2.0 (thick about 2.5mm), insert the fibre net. We suggest fibre net 150/180gr. square meter.

Utilizing the net it’s not necessary to wait for the following application

Fase 3

After 12 hours at least, damp again the area and proceed with the finishing application, Hegea 2.0, 0.8 or 0.6 (thick about 1-2 mm).

Otherwise employ the Plus variant.

Complete the cycle damping the area and applying Hegea 0.0 waterproofing,


cycle, allows the block of the water molecules and the total preservation of the surfaces against the air pollution and the saltiness. Furthermore, particular structure like swimming pools or basins, subjected to infiltrations from the ground, ascending or at the back, we supply the wholly negative waterproofing, preventing the permeation of water that could cause separations and damages of the finishing.