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The concept, the products and the solutions explained in this web site, can be partially innovative and be outside of the market standards. Our company offers a technical staff to all our consumers, in order to sell, conceive and apply in the best way our products. Our staff is available for consulting also directly on the construction sites and consequential editing of the technical plans.

In addition to the handbooks, are also available DVD, web site and when applicable, the e-mail service for the technical procedures. You can e-mail your requests to For dealers and technical offices, our staff is also available in order to arrange meetings with video screening, mailing service and all our range of marketing supports, as follows.

Hegea Catalogue

Hegea® Catalogue is the most diffused information purpose of the Hegea® products, it contains different areas: causes and results of the dampness, the illustration of the products and all their application cycles. All the above is enriched by photos of some possible problem and the intervention in all its phases, together with explication.

Hidra Catalogue

Catalogne – Hidra price list: the usefulness of the price list and the handiness of the Hidra catalogue, provide an easy and resourceful instrument to all the technicians and operators. Partitioned in simple sheets per product.

Hidra price list

Hidra price list: the usefulness of the price list. Partitioned in simple sheets per product, it shows prices and indicative consumptions, useful to an easy evaluation of the costs.

Hidra Box

Hidra® Box is an elegant packaging, dimensions 24cm x 24cm x 2cm, containing a sample of the 4 kinds of Hegea levelling plasters (base and finishing). Thanks to its closable lid and its look like a catalogue, when used it’s possible to put it on file or in a bookcase.

Hidra DVD

Hidra® DVD: is the innovative digital help of the Hegea® products, supplied both for DVD players and for PC or MAC platform. Studied on the base of the Hidra® booklet, it deepen all those topics contained in it. You can listen the explications thanks to the voice – over, furthermore it’s possible to access directly to a specific area or display the video fully (for retailers and exhibitions)

Hidra Roll Up

Hidra® Roll Up is an important advertisement product of high visibility, helpful also as separator for rooms or to point out within the point of sale. It is constituted by a light and resistant frame in aluminium, with a big panel 2mts x 1mt. Easy to use it’s possible to wrap up it. When closed it’s compact and of easy to carry, useful for exhibitions and stands.

Hidra Double Poster

Hidra® Double Poster is an elegant stiff poster, printed on both sides, to hang on a ceiling or in areas of great influx. Constituted by a new kind of plastic, it’s very flexible, lightweight but shock resistant, in the front it has a picture showing the problem of dampness and in the back the different and useful Hegea® solutions.

Hidra Edge Display

Hidra® Edge Display is an useful and functional display stand, wall hanger. Constituted by a new plastic, it’s very flexible lightweight but shock resistant, it shows the samples of the different items of our undergrounds, string – courses and frames. Furthermore it display the manifold applications of the edges of our new line Hidra Edge. It’s also possible to supply new customised models.

Meeting Hidra

Hidra® Meeting: after some evaluation of the actual market situation about painting and decorative, come out the difficulty for the operators of opening to a new segment of the market. This can be overcame only with an appropriate information and awareness campaign concerning the above. In this way, the “problems” can become a new perspective of opening to new markets and new deals. For these reasons Hidra® make plans for meetings, conventions and cooperation projects with its retailers and technical offices. We invite you to book a meeting directly to your point of sale; you can apply for it directly on the meeting web page.

Case Meeting

Cartellina porta documenti in plastica, con cerniera Strumento utilissimo per il Vostri sopraluoghi su cantiere, per avere sempre a portata di mano i nostri cataloghi,si può appoggiare ovunque, comodissimo anche per i piu' indaffarati.

Ring Binder Photo

Abbiamo pensato anche ai liberi professionisti, architetti e a chi vive in città , un raccoglitore rigido, solido, dove potranno inserirsi schede tecniche, depliant già forniti con punti omega, relazioni tecniche e tutto cio' che piu' aggrada le vostre esigenze.


Volantini da banco, da meeting, utilissimi per tutti i vs clienti, anche i piu' scettici, contenuti descrittivi minimali per non perdersi in inutili chiacchere.

Display cubes

Abbiamo pensato anche ai punti vendita, dedicateci un angolino del vs negozio per pubblicizzare i nostri prodotti. Si tratta di cubi in cartone , ad incastro , su ogni cubo viene proiettato un immagine specifica dei nostri interventi, veramente funzionale

Vetrofania 10x25

Vetrofania misura 10x21 cm ed è adesiva in Pvc Bianco utilissima per le vetrine dei punti vendita piu' prestigiosi, visibile anche da lontano , per non dimenticarsi mai di Hidra srl.

Hidra Clothing: Pants / Vest / Jacket

Merchandising da lavoro, fornito ai clienti affezionati Disponibili in diverse taglie.