Hegea Levelling Range

The curing and waterproofing areas, are cause of particularly expensive and invasive solutions, which require the wrecking of plasters followed by the application of the traditional products with consistent thickness.

The wrecking is all too often the Achilles heel of the above cycles, cause the underlying supports are frequently still firm – based and cohesive and the decay turn out to be on the surface.

In these cases of moisture and saltpetre but with underlying plasters still compact and steady, the use of the Hegea levelling range allow the intervention, with dehumidifying cycles constituted by levelling products which develop low thicknesses, only few millimetres, and require one only external scratch instead of a complete wrecking of the old plasters and a following application of the habitual products.

Capillary humidity from upwelling, and permeations in buildings for the storage or in underground structures, are the primary cause of decay. Hidra offers functional and tangible solutions, presenting a curing and waterproofing system with low thickness: Hegea.

In areas overawed by very expensive and invasive solutions, the utilize of the curing and waterproofing Hegea cycles, blend the efficacy of the treatments to the handiness of non invasive interventions.

The opportunity and convenience to operate where we can recover the supports, and also in other conditions unfeasible (piling, reinforced concrete, precast) the range of Hegea products is particularly professional and adaptable for curing and waterproofing.

Hegea base 2.0 and Hegea finishing 0.8 – 0.6 – 0.3 are white plasters for levelling, for exterior and interior and have qualities of curing, dehumidifying and waterproofing, in particular application cycles.

Hegea Fondo 2.0

Packages: 5Kg | 25Kg

Hegea base 2.0: fibered levelling plaster for background, silica sand based, about Ø 2 - 1,5mm. this is the base of each dehumidifying and waterproofing Hegea cycle.

Hegea Finitura 0.8

Packages: 5Kg | 25Kg

Hegea finishing 0.8: levelling plaster for finishing, silica sand based, about . Ø 0,4 - 0,8mm. Limited for dehumidifying and waterproofing Hegea cycles.

Hegea Finitura 0.6

Packages: 5Kg | 25Kg

Hegea finishing 0.6: levelling plaster for finishing, silica sand based, about Ø 0,2 - 0,6mm.Limited for dehumidifying and waterproofing Hegea cycles.

Hegea Finitura 0.3

Packages: 5Kg | 25Kg

Hegea finishing 0.3: levelling plaster for finishing, silica sand based, about Ø 0,1 - 0,3mm. Limited for dehumidifying and waterproofing Hegea cycles.

Hegea Finitura 0.1

Rasante per finiture, base marmo, c.a. Ø 0,1 mm, con proprietà di deumidificazione o impermeabilizzazione (cicli applicativi) Finitura cicli Hegea. Consumo ind. 1 applicazione ca 1 kg mq.

Hegea Impermeabilizzante 0.0

Hegea 0.0 impermeabilizzante, è un rivestimento in polvere di colore bianco, applicabile a pannello che permette la totale impermeabilizzazione di supporti nell’ambito di specifici cicli applicativi.

Hegea Sili Lit

Packages: 5Lt

Lithium silicate based consolidating impregnator in a solution of water, non film-forming, transparent and invisible. The product has the ability to regenerate the treated material, restoring its cohesiveness and compactness. The low viscosity of the water-based solution gives it a deep consolidating action. The product must be diluted with water, starting with a minimum dilution of 1: 3 (25% of product in water) progressively increasing depending on the need and the results obtained. Guideline usage: application until saturation (at least) approx. 0.5 lt m2

Hegea Silikat

Packages: 10Lt

Impregnante all’acqua non pellicolante, incolore, idoneo per ripristinare la coesione d’intonaci minerali slegati ed incoerenti (non distaccati). La fluidità del prodotto permette un’efficace penetrazione nei supporti oltre 20mm. Intonaci slegati vengono ripristinati nella coesione senza alterazioni nella traspirazione.Consumo indicativo: applicazione a rifiuto (almeno) ca 0,5 lt mq