Hegea Paint-Water-Based Wall Paint

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Quartz powder water-based paint that is highly resistant to mould, lichens and algae. The use of special additives makes Hegea® Paint highly breathable and water repellent while maintaining a very low water absorption coefficient.

Hegea® Paint is recommended to complete all treatments: both for capillary rising damp and for waterproofing structures in contact with the soil.

UNI 8681 Classification

One-pack, physically drying, opaque, acrylic-silicone finishing paint in water dispersion (B4.C.O.A.2.IA)

For external and internal use.

Recommended surface types:

Cement-based plasters, painted plasters, precast concrete, exposed concrete, fibre cement.

Type of binder: acrylic-silicone

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Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature: min +5°C max +40°C. Ambient relative humidity: max 80%.

Preparation of the surface
New surfaces: thoroughly clean the surface by brushing and/or washing.
Old surfaces: remove any old paint or loose plaster, carefully clean the surface of dust and dirt.

Application tools: brush, roller; for bold colours it is advisable to apply the paint with a brush only, to avoid leaving marks on the surface.

Diluent: Water.
Dilution: 20-30%

Method of application: apply two coats waiting 4-5 hours between coats.
Drying at 25°C and 65% RH: 2-3 hours touch dry, 24 hours to dry completely.

Number of layers: 2
Coverage: 6-8 m²/l per coat. Recommended consumption per m²/: 167-125 ml per coat.

Coverage could vary depending on the porosity of the surface.

Over-painting with other products: Compatible with all water-based products..

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