Hidra Floor Range

Hidra has garnered an impressive reputation over the years with its Hegea levelling range and its innovation in the field of low thickness renovation.
As a result of this and with the support of many experts, the company decided to enter the world of waterproofing too. And specifically, this was done by creating a treatment for waterproofing terraces and floors. 
A new and, in some ways, a somewhat difficult field in which competition is a fact of life. The Hidra Floor Range offers an innovative and non-invasive treatment process. It can be applied onto reinforced concrete, fibre-filled mortar, porcelain stoneware tiles, clinker and existing floors. Hence there is no need to remove existing flooring, just roughen the surface.
Remove any efflorescence by mechanical sanding or washing with a pressure washer in the case of large surfaces or, if necessary, just degrease with acid. In short, any degraded and loose surfaces must be removed, until a surface is obtained that provides a suitable anchor. Hidra's trademark is the simplicity and ease of application of its products, and the Floor range also aims to adhere fully to the standard.
The treatment consists of 2 products: Hidra Floor Fondo and Hidra Floor Finitura which, together with the now well-established Hegea impermeabilizzante 0.0., give life to something very interesting.
Apply a levelling coat of Hidra Floor Fondo (a total of approx. 2 mm in 1 application) then apply 2 coats of Hidra Floor Finitura (a total of approx. 1.5 mm in 2 applications).
NB. Place expansion joints every 9 square metres to allow movement of the floor and at the same time insert 160gr fibre mesh between the first coat of Hidra Floor Fondo and the first coat of Hidra Floor Finitura.
It is advisable to moisten the surface, even days after the product has been applied. 
The floor can be painted or re-tiled with outdoor products after a minimum of 28 days of curing. Products compatible with the treatment: two-pack enamels, epoxy resins or outdoor paints.
Please note that the product can be driven over or walked on. Hidra Floor Fondo and Hidra Floor Finitura are grey, inorganic, one-pack, powdered levelling plasters with a Portland Cement 52.5 R CEM I and silica sand base for waterproofing terraces and floors.

Hidra Floor Fondo

Packages: 25Kg

Fibre reinforced levelling plaster for substrates with a silica sand base, approx. Ø 1.8 - 1.5 mm, which forms the basis of the special waterproofing treatment for terraces and floors

Hidra Floor Finitura

Packages: 25Kg

Levelling plaster with a sand and marble granulates and vinyl-versatate copolymer base, approx. Ø 0.1 - 0.6 mm. For use exclusively as a finish for terrace and floor waterproofing treatments.